Let's Meet! Choose Sessions IN-PERSON or on ZOOM

The changes you want to make are within your reach, and I can help you. I have worked with thousands of people over the last decade, both online and/or face to face. Hypnosis works from the comfort of your home or office and all that is required is an internet connect and a webcam. Even if you have never used Zoom before, it is easy - just click the link at the scheduled time and we will be together online.


This is the most cost-effective way to make changes. At a package price of $740, there is a substantial saving over the price of three single sessions ($275/each). Three sessions give us a chance to make real change at the deepest levels, and for me to teach you reinforcing skills and self-hypnosis so that you can apply the principles of success far beyond the issue we will be focusing on.

After following the 3 simple steps to book below, you will be asked to complete a client intake form to help me prepare for our first session.


When you are ready and committed to make profound personal changes... click the button where you can purchase your program of 3 x 60 mins hypnosis sessions. 


Following successful payment for the program you will be directed to a page where you can choose to book your sessions IN-PERSON or via ZOOM. It is recommended that you take a few moments to book all 3 sessions (1 week apart) to ensure availability. Please note, you will also receive an email confirmation of the order that contains a link to the scheduling platform as well.


You will receive confirmations of the bookings and reminders 24 hours (and 2 hours) before the beginning of the sessions, where James will work with you to help create the changes your desire.
*Please note: We know you are likely keen to get started so please feel reassured that your first session can usually be scheduled at least within 2-4 weeks of signing up for the 3 hypnosis session package. If there are any variations to this James's team will be in touch to either offer alternatives or a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far apart should I schedule my sessions?
After you go ahead and purchase your session package, you'll be sent a special code and link to book the 3 x 60 mins hypnosis sessions. Because the calendar can fill up, we strongly suggest that you schedule all 3 sessions and get them in the calendar. We recommend scheduling them 1-2 weeks apart in order to build on the positive direction set at previous sessions.
Is there a guarantee of success?
If we were to offer a guarantee that would imply that the client had no active part to play in the process. This is simply not true. Hypnosis and the work we do is a collaboration. Ultimately, you are responsible for the
changes that occur as a result of the hypnosis sessions. There is always a human factor. Doctors don't guarantee that you will get well. Teachers can't guarantee that you will learn, and lawyers can't guarantee that you will "win" your case. What James M Vera can guarantee is the very best service using  
current information and appropriate hypnotic/change-work techniques for your situation.

Can I book on Zoom, In-Person or a combination?
Yes! When you are scheduling your sessions you can choose from either option and you can mix and match to suit your needs.
Do you see clients on weekends?
YES! All face to face sessions are at the Cheshire, Connecticut office.
When do you do Zoom appointments?
zoom appointments are Monday thru Thursday (EST).

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